IDE Drive No Longer Recognized

Up until recently, I've been using a 200GB IDE WD drive and a 1TB SATA Samsung drive, which worked fine.

I bought a couple of new 1TB Samsung's a few days ago and placed them into my system, wanting to set them up together in a RAID 0 configuration to ghost my F:/ (media storage) partition from my original 1TB, and expand the other partitions.

I set the BIOS "Storage Configuration" setting to recognize SATA as RAID, rather than as IDE. I was about to set the RAID config on the two drives, but I decided I wanted to check whether they were recognized by Windows 7 before setting them.

Windows wouldn't start up properly, and kept bringing me to a System Repair dialog, which didn't work in fixing the issue. Resetting the SATA recognition to IDE has allowed me to get back into Windows 7, but now my IDE drive (which has a lot of data that I really would like to get back) is no longer recognized as being connected.

I can't see any cables that are disconnected on the drive from what it looked like before I rearranged my cabling to accomodate my drives, but could it be that it isn't connected properly?
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  1. Okay, disregard this please.

    I did what I should have done earlier and actually looked in my computer tower; the SATA cable was indeed plugged in to my IDE drive but it had gotten knocked loose from the actual motherboard port when I was rearranging my cabling.
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