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Ok i have a problem getting on the internet. The computer is a hp desktop with an on board Ethernet controller. The computer detects the network but does not allow me to get on the internet. The network is fine because when i use another desktop it works perfectly fine. I checked all of the settings in the control panel and everything seems to be alright. So i figured maybe it was the onboard etherent controller, so i went and put a pci etherent controller into the computer. Everything installed fine and the same thing is still happening. A friend told me to check the BIOS settings and make sure the nic was enabled and it is. Any suggestions? What should i do?, Could it possibly be a problem with the ethernet controller on the motherboard AND the pci ports for the new Ethernet controller that i installed?

P.S, I'm trying to avoid from doing a complete reformat.
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  1. Well, there might be something wrong with your Ethernet connection settings. Which Windows are you using, if I may ask?
  2. windows xp home SP2
  3. A wireless LAN (WLAN) is a wireless local area network that links two or more computers or devices using spread-spectrum or OFDM modulation technology based to enable communication between devices in a limited area. This gives users the mobility to move around within a broad coverage area and still be connected to the network.

    For the home user, wireless has become popular due to ease of installation, and location freedom with the gaining popularity of laptops. Public businesses such as coffee shops or malls have begun to offer wireless access to their customers; some are even provided as a free service. Large wireless network projects are being put up in many major cities: New York City, for instance, has begun a pilot program to cover all five boroughs of the city with wireless Internet access.[

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  4. I am also wondering why i only two pc's can connect to my wireless modem router..we have two laptops A and B and one desktop..the desktop is cable from the wireless modem router(acts as a modem and router), the pc is connected and can browse also laptop A but the laptop B is connected but cannot browse to the internet, when i reset all including the modem router, laptop A and B is now connected and the desktop is connected but can't browse the internet, also, if laptop B and desktop is connected and cam broswse, laptop A can't.

    devices: desktop - laptop A - laptop B

    connected and can browse =========== can't browse but connected

    DESKTOP and Laptop A =========== Laptop B
    DESKTOP and Laptop B =========== Laptop A
    Laptop A and Laptop B =========== DESKTOP

    anyone who can advise me what is the best thing to do?

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