Problem migrating XP local profile to domain profile

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As you know when you are joining a computer to a domain, and logon as the
domain user it creates a completely different profile. These are the steps I
take to do it with Win2k and try to apply the same steps with XP, but does
not work.

1. Join computer, logon as a domain user so it creates a profile for the
user on a local machine.

2. Logon as domain admin and copy the local profile and overwrite the one
that it created in step 1. Assign permission to the domain user, to that

3. Logon as domain user, done.

This DOES NOT work with XP. I always get access denied errors even when
doing it when local admin or domain admin account.

Any ideas?

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  1. Did you add the Domain Admin Group to the Local Administrators Group?
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