Phenomx4 9100e

I have a gateway dx4200-09 specs are
-mobo:Systemboard with AMD® 780G Chipset AM2
-GPUHD 4850
-640ghd 12mb cache
-4g ddr2 800mhz
-corsair 650wpsu
I was reading and saw that the x4 deneb BE could be placed on an AM2 board is this tru if so what drawbacks and retraints will it have.Also the manufactuer specs said that this board supports HT 3.0 if that plays a role.
Plz give me some type of info or at least a link that will help me out.
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  1. You should be able to place a Phenom in there, providing that the manufacturer (Gateway) does have a BIOS upgrade to support it. Personally I don't think its a good idea to upgrade a pre-built box, as the manufacturer pretty much controls the compatibility.

    The best way is to go out and purchase a new board that supports Phenom X4 Deneb.
  2. You also need to make sure your board supports a 125W processor before dropping a Phenom II 940 into it.
  3. taking into consideration that the phenom 9100e runs very low wattage, i wouldn't recommend trying one of the 125 watt phenom II's.. ugh I used to have the 9100e CPU and HATED it.. almost any higher clocked duel core is an upgrade to that hunk of junk.
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