Slow Performace XFX 9800GTX+

Hey Guys, i recently bought a new 24' monitor and decided to upgrade my video card aswell. I purchased a XFX 9800 GTX+ card and also upgrade my power supply to an 800w model.

Anyhow once installing the card, PSU and and all the recent drivers from nvidia's website i was dissapointed to find my fps about running at about the same level as with my old 8600.

I play WoW and it will lag horribly at times even with the graphics set on medium and i also have CoD5 and it will run fine but then randomly drop to extremely low fps and the speed up after 20 sec or so. Im not sure whats causing the issues as my PC should run these games fine. My systems specs are...

AMD Athlon Dual Core 5200+
GeForce 9800 GTX+
Asus M2N-MX SE Plus Motherboard
164GB Maxtor 6Y160P0 7200rpm Hard Drive
Windows XP SP2 32bit
800w PSU

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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  1. Are you cranking all the settings?

    I have a slightly overclocked 9800gtx and it can't max most games on my 1680x1050 22" screen w/ a 3.3ghz Intel quad, 8gb of RAM and separate hard drives for games and Vista 64.

    I would say the minimum for a 24" is a gtx260 or 4870 1gb.
  2. the issue hasnt really been with max setting but more-so with random spikes in performace, it will run fine for 5min then slow to really low fps for like 15-20sec then speed up to catch up with itself again, its a real pain in the ass, could it be something to do with the tempreature of the card?
    motherboard seems to be at about 45-60 deg cels
  3. Check your temps while playing the games the cards do have a thermal cutoff so to speak they will clock down to lower temps if they get to high.
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