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Hello all, I was just wondering what is the absolute best external hard drive that I can purchase? I have a Z60m Thinkpad and it is about 5 years old and I need to start using an external hard drive since most of my gigabytes are filled up on my internal HDD. I think about 2 terabytes will suffice. I want to emphasize that I'm looking for the most durable, versatile, and just overall best quality external HDD since the last HDD that I bought (Maxtor) died before I even got a chance to use it EVEN ONCE! :fou: :fou:

I was initially thinking that if I get the best external HDD then I'll be good to go regarding storing my important documents but a good friend told me that not only should I back my files up via an external HDD but also via an online file storage service website in which I pay a monthly fee. Is that sound advice? Or will the external HDD only suffice? If I should back up via an online website then which is the absolute irrefutable best site as well? I look forward to all the answers, guidance offered since I need to go ahead and implement the advice offered here soon so I don't lose any valuable data in the meantime. Thanks!

Note: I have been reading the other threads posted by others regarding the best HDD but their questions are about the best INTERNAL HDD and I am specifically inquiring about the best EXTERNAL HDD. So I didn't just ignore what others already posted. lol! :)

Note #2: I was looking at this webpage about the ioSafe:

It seems to be the best hard drive available but I'm not sure if it's worth that high price tag. But after I wasted $300 on that crappy Maxtor I bought a couple of years ago, I find myself leaning in the direction of something like the ioSafe but let's hear what you experts all have to say and recommend/warn.
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  1. First...
    Maxtor sux.

    I wouldn't bother with online storage. If the external drive is a "backup" it wil be fine, you won't need more. I used my mother-in-law's external drive to recover EVERYTHING when her computer crashed. Although... If your house burnt to the ground it would be a lot easier getting the files from an online service than to pay a company hundreds to recover files from a burnt up drive. (If anything could be recovered at all.)

    With the isoSafe being fireproof and offering recovery service up to 5 years and up to 5 year warranty. I would say that is a pretty "safe" bet.

    Personally, I would just by a western digital and keep it in my fire/water proof safe between backups.

    It sounds like you need more storage. A backup is only a backup if it is stored on 2 drives. If one drive fails you've got the other one you can rely on. It actually sounds like this external HDD won't really be a "backup" but just a drive used for extra storage. In that case you would need to buy a second external hard drive and keep it in a safe or buy one ISOSafe and one western digital or do as your friend suggested and pay for an online backup service. (Personally I wouldn't like having the extra bill each month though.)
  2. thanks, darklord. Another friend told me to buy two twin Rosewell enclosures and two twin Western Digital HDDs and just build them myself. Do you agree that those are the best enclosures and HDDs and that his advice is the best solution?

    He didn't mention the best safe to store it in though. Which one specifically is the best in your opinion?
  3. The best external HD would be the best internal HD (for your usage) ... in a box....or something better like this:

    I have 4 of them.....oldest id 2.5 years old. Just pop in the drive and yank it on when you wanna put it in fore safe, off site storage or whatever.
  4. I have decided to go with this enclosure after hearing a lot of good things about it:
    Rosewill RX-358-S BLK (Black) 3.5" SATA to USB & eSATA Ext. Enclosure w/Int.80mm fan

    The only final thing that I need help with is can someone tell me of the ABSOLUTE best online store (good shipping, return policy, customer service, etc.) to order this from to ship to me here in Hawaii?? When I googled that product, I saw a lot of stores that I don't know. The only store that I did recognize/know was the terrible Newegg. (horrible customer service, terrible shipping rates, and poor shipping habits among other things) I prefer to order this product from Amazon or Tigerdirect since both of those stores are good places to order from from what I have heard BUT both of those store do NOT sell the Rosewill enclosure I listed above. So, can someone recommend to me the best online store that I can purchase this enclosure from. Hopefully after that I can close this thread. :)
  5. Hello every one..
    I am looking for the best External (HDD) out there That is Waterproof and shockproof.
    I have personally searched different websites And it kept mentioning 2 brands as the best :-
    1- ADATA DashDrive 1TB HD710 Military-Spec USB 3.0
    2- Silicon Power Armor A80 1TB USB 3.0 Milintary Grade.
    So is it true that These are the best out there?
    If yes, Which of them is better? 
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