Coolant Vs Destiled Water cooling?

So me and my friend was discussing weather if coolant or watercooling is best.

He said This is best.

While i sticked to saying distilled water cooling.

What do you guys think is best? (Don't think about the price difference) :3
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  1. Plain water, Distilled or not, can and will eventually grow things in it. So I wouldn't recommend just water under any circumstances - You should use an anti-algae/anti~microbial agent at the very least.

    Not to mention that Water also conducts electricity.
  2. So does primochill. What do you think it's base is? Distilled water.

    That one you linked to has done okay, but it's still way overpriced for what you get. Most pros use distilled or deionized (UK) and a biocide. Some who like to build bling rigs use dyes and premix stuff but they know the pitfalls and accept the possibility of clogged loops etc.
  3. Well, the already mixed coolant that i showed in my first post says its non-conductive, which would be a huge plus in case of a leak. It's gonna be my first watercooling system I'm about to make and it would be great if it really did leak, and wouldn't fry my system. Thoughts?
  4. ^ That is some what of false advertising. Yes, it's non-conductive at first. HOWEVER in a few months, it WILL become conductive due to chemical reactions with copper,etc. There was a post over at XS where a guy tested the conductivity of some "non conductive" fluid after a year of use. As expected, it was more or less the same conductivity as plain water.
  5. Need to have somebody do a long term test. Maybe build a bunch of loops mounted to a big 4' x 8' board, all with pumps, some kind of heat source, reservoir radiators,mod them with acrylic windows somehow so you can check them periodically, and run different coolant in each, and every few months check them and compare. Can take a sample of each liquid and test the properties as time changes, and make notes of any algae or corrosion ect. Maybe have some temp probes to test heat changes throught the experiment. Could just wire up a bunch of sensers and hook it up to a computer to record long term data. (sorry so many ","s.)

    Only way I see of figuring it out and putting the guesses and opinion to rest with hard facts is using scientific method and putting it to the test.

  6. Dude. You guys believe the marketing hype that is posted on these for sale, buy my stuff websites??? Hire a marketer, make our stuff sound pretty, post bla bla bla, and we'll pay you $50,000 a year, cheaper than sending our stuff to labs and real watercoolers for reviews.

    I can't get over how people just beleve this hype. Don't you ever really wonder on the scientific tests? What if I posted a youtube vid of a guy pouring ORANGE SODA on a fan and it not going bad?

    You gonna use SODA in your loop?

    I been at this a while, you guys do what you want. You amaze maand I hope the human race bans all marketers from this planet.

    This is sooo Toms.......
  7. I have to agree with Con, Distilled water is the best..Period.

    If one considers a coolant other than water, i recommend
    this only.

    It has less side effects than all of the other fluids and the only
    benefit it has over water is it will keep your (load only) temps
    a little lower than water, but only by like 1c.

    Downside... distilled water= 1 dollar, nanofluid or any other fluids=
    well over 10 dollars for a lot less.

    Common sense= priceless.
  8. Distilled water and some silver kill coils.
  9. Check the date Muffin, its a necrothread brought back by a spambot :-)
  10. Motopsychojdn said:
    Check the date Muffin, its a necrothread brought back by a spambot :-)

    Dang, bots advertising distilled water! This is a new one!
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