Best antivirus for windows xp

how are protect the computer
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  1. I use Avast! Free and Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware.
  2. I am using Norton antivirus. The usability of the software is pretty good; this software scans machine for potential threats from time to time, and removes the threat, in case it detects something.
  3. I use:
    Symantec for my general anti-virus software
    Windows Defender to lock down system files
    SpyBot SD for spyware and anything that would come from the internet

    The nice thing about Defender is that it is free from Microsoft, it now comes included with Vista and 7 but wasn't around when XP first started.
    SpyBot SD is also free and does an amazing job at finding and removing spyware and protecting you online.
    Symantec is pretty basic and straight forward anti-virus software, I think you have to pay for it but I got it through school so I couldn't tell you how much it costs.
  4. Use Avira it is free, effective and it not heavy as avg that makes processing laggy.
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