HELP computer keeps shutting off!!

Please help my comp keeps shutting off (no restart) sometimes right when i turn it on. other times it will boot just fine after a power cycle. i replaced the cmos battery on a whim and i thought that did it cause i booted right away. but next time i turned it on it shut off right away. after about 5 or 6 tries i got it booted. i have an abit ni8-sli mobo w/ a p4 3.2@3.284 ghz and my temps are 58c and 65 under load.
i have a logisys 575w. psu and 2gb corsair value ram pc5300 667mhz. also i have a 7900gs oc 256 evga vid card and a couple older ide hdds prob 4 yrs old. also xp pro sp3.
if anyone could give me some ideas that would be really cool cause im a student and i need my comp lol !!
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  1. Check the PSU.
  2. thats what i thought/ hopeing you wouldnt say lol!!!
  3. +1, try running it with your cd/dvd drives and any extra usb/unrequired cards unplugged to free up some ampage to help check if its the psu. Since you said it shuts off sometimes as soon as you turn it on it then disconnected the hdds to troubleshoot that out is an idea.

    If thats not the prob then make sure your fans are all spinning and when you get it up and running next time, download speedfan or another temp checker and see if your temps are too high somewhere.

    If thats not the prob then try reseating your memory and any cards inside and check all your connectors (do cpu last)

    If thats not the prob still then try isolating the prob by switching out parts with another computer's parts and seeing if things fail on the other computer or if urs runs fine with the other parts.

    If that doesn't work then then it'd think it was your motherboard, look for shorts or try plugging it into a recepticle on another circuit just in case its bad power coming in.

    If none of that works then check your power/reset switches and make sure they're not half stuck or broken and being sensitive.

    If none of that made any difference then you're not doing it right.
  4. nice ya that about covers it. i already tried unhooking all hdds/dvd drives and still had trouble. fans are all spinning. ill try reseating components and checking power switches and look for burnt capacitors.also ill try to switch power strip. ty very much.
  5. Welcome. I had a similar problem before which ended up being the front case faceplate was off by a millimeter after I had previously opened the case which made the power button sensitive. It took me quite a while to figure that one out.
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