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I have problems with my hard-disk configuration. I have 4 hard disks, RAID 10. I keep getting "Error Occured(0)" as status on the disks.

My system:
Motherboard Asus P7P55D with a Intel ICH10R RAID controller
4 Western Digital, WD Caviar Green, WD6400AARS
Configuration RAID 10(RAID0+1) Strip 64K

I replaced the first hard-drive that showed the error, I figured it was broken.
Then the error occured on another drive. I did "mark as normal" on the drive in Matrix Storage Manager, that helped.
When the "mark as normal" process was done, I got the error on the replacement disk + another disk. So now 2 disks have the status "Error Occured(0)"

Issue 2) I get bad write speeds (40MB/s) according to Crystal Mark. The HDs are supposed to reach 80MB/s individually.

Thanks in a advance! Happy Midsummer!
// Thomas
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  1. RAIDwannabe - I don't know if you ever got an answer to your problem, so I figured I'd respond just in case. In all likelihood, you are running the latest version of Intel's Matrix Storage Manager (v8.9.1023). If this is still the case then you are probably still having problems. I suggest you roll back one revision of this software to version This should clear things up. I know from first hand experience after battling with my RAID5 array for a couple weeks. I did not associate my "upgrade" to v8.9.0.1023 but started having errors shortly thereafter. I rolled back to the previous version and have been golden since. The latest version has known issues with it and you are now in the know. The older revision is available on Intel's site. It is not certified for Windows 7 but does work. Hope this helps.

    Live life! Have fun!

  2. I completely agree, go 8.8.

    I had to do this on 4 different, identical servers I built.
  3. I am having this same problem with my workstation using the ICH10R. I now have THREE drives showing "Error Occurred". The machine won't boot up, needless to say. When I built this machine last July, the motherboard (ASUS Rampage III Extreme) came with version of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager. Not knowing any better that's what I used. Now, over the course of the last seven months, the drives have been erroring out one by one.
    I'm kind of a computer building noob. What is my next step??
    Thanks for any help!!
  4. I may be in real trouble now. I booted the machine and did a CNTRL+I while booting. Got a message "Failed RAID volume detected. Recover RAID volume?" So I entered "Y". Now the machine won't boot at all. Getting message "Missing operating system".
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