My setup- my first water cooling build

I have this posted in another section, and just thought I'd post a link in here in the proper section so people can see my first water cooling build.

Hope ya like it. :D
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  1. what's that gpu there... is that a 480?
  2. why dont you include your cpu in that loop? with those two radiators you have the cooling power to cool 2 whole computers =P
  3. I would think your airflow across the radiators would be a little inefficient against the case like that.
  4. Nice to see overrading and pics. Good first loop!
  5. 1. yes it's a galaxy gtx 480 with a danger den water block
    2. I am planning on adding the cpu loop when I go sli, just not enough money yet
    3. The radiators are actually have 1/2" nylon spacers, so there is plenty of room for the air to escape out the back.
    4. thanks conumdrum. :D

    Thanks for the feedback. :)
    If you guys want any more details just follow the link in my sig.

  6. I'd double the spacers. You will restict airflow.


    Let me quantify my comment.

    You will restrict air flow. How much? A decent amount. It depends on the fans and the way your loop cools. I think you'll be okay since your overradding. If your not happy with the temps try adding spacers instead of increasing fannage to keep it cool.
  7. Well, I did a little test to see if my fans were affecting my cooling. I figured if they were being restricted then they wouldn't be doing there job well. In my original post (link above) I tested my cooling with msi Kombuster and it took almost half an hour to get to 55C which was the max it would hit. So what I did was I unplugged my fans to see how fast it would take to get to 55C. I thought if they aren't doing there job and are restricted, then the computer should take about the same time to get to 55C, or close too it. Well, it took 2 min to get to 55C. I timed it. And it hit 56C (above max) right after the 2 min mark. So I stopped testing and plugged the fans back in.

    In just over 2 minutes my system without the fans got hotter then 1/2 hour with the fans. I could have tested more to see what the max would be, but my pump is rated at 60C and I didn't want to push it.

    And just so everyone knows, kombuster extreme burn in really pushes your system to the max, not like playing a game. Your pushing your system 100% the whole time. Playing crysis for 1/2 hour gave me a max of 44C with my fans on.

    So I assure everyone that 1/2" is enough space because the fans are doing there job. I got to thinking about it before I decided on the 1/2" inch spacers, I was gonna go with 1", but then I thought about the tri-sli setups a lot of people are running, and a lot of people run the cards practically touching and only like a couple of millimeters apart. How can the cards not over heat with such little space? Besides, I don't want the radiators sticking out so far. It's already leaning about 1/2" on the radiator side when it's on the carpet. LOL. :D

  8. MSI Kpm isn't as good as Furmark. It's the GPU standard. If the CPU is in the loop you need to run Prime 95 at the same time.

    You got 6 fans on that I hope.
  9. Conumdrum said:
    MSI Kpm isn't as good as Furmark. It's the GPU standard. If the CPU is in the loop you need to run Prime 95 at the same time.

    You got 6 fans on that I hope.

    I don't have a cpu in the loop, and my radiator is outside the case. So running prime 95 wouldn't change my gpu temps. Either way, I ran furmark @ 1920 x 1200, 32AA, extreme burnin mode. Max temp 58C, pcb: 42C after half an hour. That doesn't prove anything about my fans though, all it proves is furmark stresses the system more then MSI Kombuster.

    What does that have to do with my fans though? I already showed you above that my fans aren't restricted. If they were when I shut them off I would get almost the same temps, but I don't. With my fans unplugged, my gpu temp goes up way faster and higher max temps then with my fans on. Regardless of what program I use to stress it.

    I'm only running 4 fans in my loop.
  10. You got two 120x4 rads and only 4 fans? The second rad is like a 120x1 rad for cooling, you gotta get more fans.

    58C is nothing to sneeze at, thats Very very good. My two GTX 280s and one 120x3 rad top out at 70F ambient over 50C. Your temps are great!

    Anytime a hot loaded GPU is under 60C (IMHO) and quiet, the watercooling is working just fine.

    Aha, I see, I read deeper. Yep my cards do the same. They warm up very quickly but then stay nice and cool. What you have gained is 3 monster GPUs that pull a TON of heat and you don't have to have the loud fans screaming on them. Besides load temps under 60C, your carfds will overclock better due to a cooler GPU chip.

    Your temps won't stay low like you think they will. Thats not what normally happens in watercooling.

    It jumps even higher/faster on a CPU loop.
  11. I don't have the money for more fans yet. LOL. I wanted to buy 8 silverstone fans, but I ran out of money. And now I got some bills to pay, so it'll be at least a month before I get some more fans. Unless I barter with my friends or something. I was actually $200 bucks over budget on my build. Total cost was around $1000 bucks for the card and cooling setup.

    Anyways, i'm good for now, temps much much lower then the air cooler. Thinking about trying to sell the air cooler on ebay. Think i'm gonna overclock it wed. (my day off) and see what I can get.

    Can't wait to go sli. Conumdrum your system is great. Love your setup. Really wish toms had a pics section for your pc like evga's my rigs. That would be sweet.
  12. Well good luck, your temps are fine.

    Room temps 78F.

    As an example, my CPU jumps from 34C to 47C in less than 3 seconds when loading with Prime 95 small ffts. Would top out at 56C or so.

    GPU 43C to 49C in seconds. Would top out at 56C or so.

    I got my fans pretty darn low, and only a 120x3 on my two GPU's, not near the heatload of yours by far.

    Ohh Ohh your pump is rated at 60C, but your water temps are much lower, your just looking at the chip temp. With that much rad (well, when you get fans) your DT water temps will be maybe 6C over room temps. I'm sure your no higher than 10C now. So your wayyy below the high pump temp. At load your water temps are not even 40C, for sure.

    Looking for cheap good fans? Umm some silverstones are poor rad performers, they are very poor pressure fans.

    Get Some of these Yate Loons. Like MCR rads, the best bang for the $. Very popular, many use them, I still use them. Not on my rads, I splurged on Gentle Typhoons 1850s early this year.

    Yate Loons:

    Ships out of Indiana.
  13. Oh yeah, i forgot about that. LOL. The temp sensor is in the cpu not the water.
    fan pressure? Man, i'm gonna have to do more studying. I never realized how complex water cooling really is. Hey, it's interesting though, thats something I love. Keeps me busy coming up with designs and idea's. :D

    Are there any specs to tell me what kind of pressure a fan will put out or should I start searching for benchmarks?
  14. Well I'll toss you a few links. Or you can do like I do, be watercooling a few years and reading and participating at some real WC forums. Remember it too k me 3 months of learning and reading, participating before I even made my WC parts list and posted it on line for approval. It was approved. I highly suggest you join some other forums, they are in the sticky at the top.

    Here are some fan results, please bookmark them and pass them on to peeps you'll help someday:

    Lastly, the fans I linked you to are great. But with one GPU for now, your overraded anyway, I forgot you just have one GPU. take your time, your plenty fine for now.
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