World of Warcraft has hogged my hard drive

I play World of Warcraft and it has taken up myost of my hard drive. I have heard pro's & cons on both the extra internal hard drives and external hard drives. Which would be better for my problem? I have a Leveno with Intel (R) Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2220 @2.40 GHz, 185 GB of RAM
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  1. 185 gb of ram....?

    but yeah i think fully patched wow can take close to 20 gigs hdd space
  2. How can 20GB take most of your harddrive space? Small harddrives are old and slow harddrives; as their platter density is low too.

    The best would be an SSD, like Intel X25-V 40GB which is very good for WoW; among the best really. More RAM helps too, but only after you've played the game a long time and never really reboot. If you reboot, all filecache in the RAM will be gone.

    You on a laptop or desktop computer?
  3. If you have 185GB HDD, WoW has not taken all of it. There has to be about 150 GB of something that is not WoW and not the OS on there taking up space.
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