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I bought recently a Toshiba which has an intel 2 core duo T6400 as its processor.

I tried to run a virtual machine (Windows XP) using virtual PC 2007.

It seems that the machine is running more slowly than on my old machine which has an AMD athlon 3800.

Does this makes sense? I heard so many good things about the 2 Core Duo chips.


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  1. the cpu might not be the reason that it's running slower. it might be the ram, or gpu, or slower hdd possibly.
  2. HDD would make sense since the new machine is a laptop.
    However, I am running software like Visual Studio which would, I think, mostly run from memory -- but of course I could be wrong.

    I looked at some benchmarks since my post, and it seems like the T6400 is faster than an AMD 64 6000+

    Thank you for the answer.

  3. Maybe it is overheating. Try to download some temperature monitoring software and see if your temps are acceptable.
  4. Could it have something to do with the T6400 not supporting hyper-threading or vitualization?
  5. Its the lack of virtualisation technology. You could swap out the CPU if you are feeling brave.
  6. Anyone know what processor I could substitute that would have Intel-VT and be a direct replacement for T6400. Also it should not cost too much.
    I read on the Intel website (below) that is the T6400 processor should have Intel EM64T-enabled BIOS. Will there be access to turn on the 64-bit function in my current Q210 bios which will be required to get VT?

    I bought a Samsung Q210 with T6400 and only later realized that the chip did not have Intel-VT enabled.
    Look forward to some help.
  7. Since I wrote the above I have found out a bit more about the Q210 and processors & chipsets as follows:

    I have Q210 with T6400 Chipset GM45 Express. Reports 2.9Gb memory but contains 4Gb.

    I am sure that 64 bit operation will have to be enabled in bios. On my bios version 08 there is not way to do this as far as I have experienced or read on the web. People have the same experience with version 09. On some Phoenix bios there is the facility after entering setup with F2 to access further advanced options by using a key combination like Fn+F11. I have not found any key combination to do this.

    Using Ubuntu 904 the 64 bit version will not boot. Further using a utility to check for 64-bit function in Linux indicates this is not enabled.

    Further, the T6400 does not support Inter-VT (Virtualisation) so speed up using this for VirtualBox and Win4Lin is not possible. See here:

    I have asked Samsung if they can upgrade the processor to a P9600 which supports VT and whether the 64 bit function will be able to be turned on in bios. I have heard nothing in reply to to emails so far.

    According to Intel's website the chipset will support P9600 and other processors. I may try and install one myself after a few months.

  8. Samsung UK wanted over 300 UK pounds to do upgrade - so I'll wait and see if I can find out how to do it myself. I've been looking for instructions on accessing the Q210 processor on the web without success so far.
  9. i don't see why my laptop trys pushing windows xp running on virtual machine

    i have a Samsung q210 with Linux fedora 12 x64 installed as windows vista is a waste imo, but it manages to run mac OS X leopard 10.5 without any problems, their is a slight slow-down on mac nothing bad about performance but it does not effect linux

    running mac in vmware 7

    i find this a strange experience

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