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I recently opened up my desktop to clean it. After I was done I noticed the cooler started making clicking sound instead of just humming expected from a fan. Maybe this problem existed before I cleaned it. The case is usually covered and the sound is masked by the noise of the HDD so I never heard the sound before. I heard it this time cuz the case was open when I started the computer.

do any of you have this noise problem? Did I break it somehow? (it seems to be working fine) :pt1cable:

it's not a big problem cuz I can't even hear it, I'm just curious

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  1. When I changed the fan on mine, it made a click/creaking noise until I checked why. First reason was that I didn't fully tighten the screws that secure the bottom of the fan. The second, was that one of the hex screws at the top was too tight. This caused the fins to rub on the screw threads while trying to straighten out. Like you said, it was only heard with the case open.
  2. Well, such a large and fast fan spinning in a large and heavy/complex structure can have many possibilities of something vibrating like a loose screw, a fin, even a tiny wire. What I would do is make sure your CPU temperatures, both overall, and individual core temperatures are all the same as before or cooler. If that is the case, just let it be.
  3. Try not to touch the fan. Mine had the same problem. When i was cleaning it i scratched a fan blad with my fingernail. The scratch was almost microscopic, but i suppose the changes in air pressure were enough...
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