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Hi everyone! i bought a computer recently and I have serious lag on Crysis, Far cry 2 etc! I've already hand it in for fix and then i did get a newer motherboard because the processor was to strong! Here are my specs

AMD ATHLON 64 X2 6000+ 3100MHz
Corsair VS 4096M DDR2 667MHz 2x240 DIMM, CL5
SAMSUNG 500GB 16mb 7200 rpm SATAII
BFG GeForce 8500GT 1GB PCIe DirectX 10 TVOut DVI

When I play crysis on medium i get down to 15-25 fps! If I want higher fps, do i need to buy a new graphic card?Ive heard that Gefore 8500GT Is not good for gaming!
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  1. Sorry but you GPU is about as good a Onboard, trying to play crysis on that is just a non starter. Whats your Power supply and i will suggest options for cards that will work without upgrading the power supply.

  2. The 8500gt is a horrible gaming card. You definitely need a new card i suggest a 9800gtx or 4850.
  3. I have a Black/Blue 520W SILENT!
    It came with the case!
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