Cooling a 4ghz amd 955

hello all just a quicky will a Noctua NH-D14 be suficiant to keep an amd 955 stable at 4.0ghz is for a goming build im putting together?

if not any recomendations?

build will be on close to if not 24/7

looking to spend under $300 if thats possible?
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  1. Well it should, the Noctua NH-D14 is one helluva large cooler, and should be able to keep your AMD Phenom II X4 955 at 4.0GHz, keeping temperatures below 53°C.
  2. hmmm think i might go water cooled is there a cheaper kit or is that best mid price range?

    only as looking to get a 5970 and seems to be going up and up lol
  3. OP:

    Proper CPU only watercooling for USA folks is $250 including shipping.

    Most first time CPU only with good parts is closer to $300, especially if noise is a concern.

    You won't find anything better for your CPU that anyone who knows anything about watercooling. The parts in that kit are stellar. One of the top 3 waterblocks, great basic pump, only Laing makes pumps worth their stuff for real watercooling.

    BUT, the H50 might fit your needs if you go push pull on the fans and use room air, not warm case air.

    Ahh NM, you want 4.0, so you need more AMD don't like hot temps.

    Your moving into the big boy stuff, every bit more of cooling isn't linear in cost anymore.

    You want to drag race? Lots more moola.
  4. The old racers adage: How fast do you want to go? How Much do you want to spend?
  5. so would i be better of getting that kit or getting the parts seprately but with a liang pump?
  6. LOL

    laing makes those pumps.

    Laing makes the D5, the DDC 3.2, 3.1, 3.25 MCP 355 is a DDC 3.2
    Koolance, Danger Den, Swiftech all buy them in large quantities and are allowed to rebadge them.
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