Need guide to build new computer

hi guys.. :)

i"m a newbie to this forum and computer world.I"m planing to buy a new computer for gaming next month.
I want your guys guide to help me to build good computer.

First my budget to buy the computer is about $900.
I want to know about the Asus P5Q Deluxe, is good model ?

Please feel free to give your opinion to help me.If can give list out the all hardware. Thxz :)
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  1. thats a good board.

    My recommendation:
    CPU: either E8500 or Q6600
    GPU: Ati 4850 or an Nvdia 9XXX series
    RAM: G-Skill Pi
    PSU: Crosair 550HX
    A good heatsink like the True.

    Thats just me anyways. Might be a bit off your budget, but at newegg you'll get rebates for the PSU and a few items.
  2. thxz for ur comment ZeCow

    now i really confuse which brand m.board i should choose.Asus or Gigabyte
    which one is good is quality ?
  3. They both are good. I have a gaming rig on an Asus and a home server on a Gigabyte. you should be fine with any of these 2.
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