D-Link DGL-4100 vs Linksys WRT54GL

There's probably a lot of router threads out there, but I couldn't find a one that specifically answers my question. So I like share a internet connection with this guy, and all he freaking does is like stream movies or torrent porn or something, whenever he's on the computer, I can't do anything, I start teleporting in all my games, webpages take 10 seconds or more to load, or fail to load at all. I've done a bit of research and two of the most popular routers that have some type of QoS and are reliable are the DGL-4100/4300 and the WRT54GL. I'm just looking for a router(don't care for wireless) that can let me get all the bandwith I want, while leaving the rest for the other guy. Apparently, the DGL-4100 is wired only and costs about 90 bucks and goes down to 70 with 20 dollar MIR while the WRT54GL is on sale for 60 bucks. The price range I don't really mind spending 10 dollars more or less, but I do care about lag in games and I should be able to load webpages in less than 2 seconds. the DGL-4100(I'll just call it the Dlink) has gamefuel which prioritizes game packets over everything else and that should help lower my ping and lag, but some reviews say that it only affects upstream data, and cannot do anything about people torrenting and streaming videos, however on some reviews I also see the people test the dlink such as playing games normally, playing games while uploading, playing games while downloading, and playing games while uploading and downloading. In those reviews, while not up or downloading, the ping is around 40, while with up/downloading the ping jumps to about 180, but with gamefuel enabled, the ping drops to about the 50s so it looks like gamefuel can affect downloading and prioritizes game packets over everything else. Also, I'm just wrondering if gamefuel affects all the computers connected to the router, or it's just one computer, and also, if it prioritizes game packets over everything else, and it goes down the list, will the guy I'm sharing internet with get his movie streaming get his priority first when I'm not gaming and make me unable to surf the web? For the linkys router, people say it's reliable and with Tomato or some other 3rd party firmware, you can also prioritize which network gets all the bandwith they want. What I need answers to is basically from people who have these two routers, and does the dlink control downloading speed and other computers on the network, and is the linksys reliable(people say it is) and is it better than the dlink. I'm strictly looking for answers regarding the two routers and would like to know why you recommend one over the other, and it is best if you have one before you post, or even better if you have both of them and give advice. All your help is appreciated, I know you guys won't dissapoint me. Thanks.
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  1. Would you mind providing links to the routers you are comparing, so that we can better determine which router to recommend? Also, please consider breaking up your post into paragraphs, so that it's easier to read.
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