Linksys WMP54G on W7 64 bit

Hello everyone, today my dad received a copy of Windows 7 Professional, from pre-order, and installed it on his Dell XPS 630.

Specs: Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4GB DDR2-800, 500GB Hard Drive, Nvidia 8800GT.

Unfortunately, there are no Windows 7 drivers, let alone 64 bit drivers, on the linksys site, and upon calling them they said they were "working on" Windows 7 drivers.

His computer is in the basement, and the router is upstairs, so he purchased the very popular Linksys WMP54G wireless PCI adapter a while back, which worked fine in Vista 32 bit. The problem we are having now is that even though the CD drivers installed properly and allow the XPS to connect to our router and home network, the internet connection and local network connection is incredibly slow. Download speeds are effectively cut in half, and loading web pages seems like it is running on a 56k modem.

Does anyone who has this same PCI adapter and Windows 7 64 bit know of any current driver workarounds? This is turning into a serious problem.

Thanks, I hope this helps others too as it seems like a popular card.
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  1. When you say the PC is in the basement and the computer is upstairs, how strong is your signal? This is going to be any obvious reason to a slower connection. Can you move the router to a closer location? Because your Linksys this work around may be of interest on the lifehacker website. I read it ages ago and it does boost the signal.

    hope it helps
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