A8N-SLI deluxe northbridge issues


Over the pass few weeks, I keep getting the BSOD and the error message suggested that it was the memory. I ran Memtest and everything passed fine, multiple times. the next issue was teh hard drive started to crap out and get screwed up requireing a new xp install on several occasions.
Some times the machine would die before loading windows, other times when randomly doing things in windows - no logic as to what would set it off.
I noticed that the northbridge fan was at first running very noisy and now its stopped completely. I got round the cooling problems by just having a home fan blow air into the case aimed directly as the northbridge and that worked fine for 2 days and then same problems and just can't boot at all.

Anyone know if norhtbridge errors can affect memory and hard drives?


System Specs:
Athlon64 4000+
2Gb Kingston Value RAM (timings unknown - sorry)
250Gb Seagate IDE or SATA (used both)
GeForce 6800 Graphics
DVD burner (SATA)
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  1. Quote:
    Anyone know if norhtbridge errors can affect memory and hard drives?

    The A8N-SLI Deluxe NB fan death scenario is a long ago, years past well known issue. Years ago ASUS support would send out a new fan when contacted. The A8N-SLI is years out of warranty. A third party chipset fan would solve the NB heat problem. Memory speed, timing and voltage should be set to Mfg. specifications in BIOS. NB voltage can be increased in BIOS to stabalize the system and prevent system crashes.

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