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Hi All

I would really appreciate some help with my new build… I have a flexible budget of £1600 and really want to make the most of my cash. It’s the first time I’ve built a computer so want to make sure I avoid purchasing pitfalls. The computer will be used for two main things, gaming and audio production. Due to the latter I would like the PC to be as quiet as possible (dead silent is not required).

What im worried about is buying a selection of individually powerful components that are collectively not well suited. If anyone could suggest a recipe for a PC that matches (roughly) the stated budget id really appreciate it.

In case this is important to your suggestions Ill probably end up running two 24” dell ultrashap monitors for my music studio (not included in the budget). Also what are the dell 30" lcds like? Are they just too big?

Also, although im sure it’s implied, gaming quality is a must, I really want to be able to max out crisis and future games for as long as my budget will allow etc.

A decent sound card would be great to, I like the creative range if anyone has any advice on these, or suggestions for better options!

Thanks in advance for helping a NOOB through this process. If it weren't for you guys id be LOST!
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  1. With your budget, I think you are looking at an i7 build.
    X58 motherboard like Asus P6T
    i7 920. It is a trivial thing to boost it to 3.3, so there is little value in spending a bunch for a 940 or 965.
    6gb(3x2gb) ram. It is not clear to me how important speed is. I have 1600, but I suspect that 1333 would do fine also.
    Start with a single good vga card. GTX280 or 4870X2. The X58 motherboard will let you run two of either. I would install one first, and see how it goes. When /if you want to upgrade, there will likely be a better card out there.
    Use a velociraptor for the OS and fast access stuff, and a larger storage drive fot any overflow.

    Get a nice cooler with a slow turning 120mm fan. It will not be noisy under load.

    For quiet, look at a case like the Antec P182. Also, go to for some good info on quiet computing. The key for quiet is to use large, slow turning fans.

    The onboard HD sound is very good. I would defer the sound card until I checked it out.

    I have used the Samsung 30" monitor in the past. At 2560x1600, like the dell, there is a lot of video acerage in front of you. It is the equivalent of two 24" 1920 monitors if you multiply the pixels out. You can view two full sized web pages side by side.
    The pixel size is a bit smaller, though, and my eyes had a problem with that. For games, though it was wonderful.

    ---good luck---
  2. Check out this thread:

    Very helpful. Probably the most important piece of advice I can give is DO NOT SKIMP ON THE PSU. Read some of the later posts on the thread for sites with PSU tiers, as well as other good spots for info.

    You will probably looking at an i7 + x58 build, as geo said. Geo has nailed many of the top points. If you aren't planning to OC much, 1333 should be sufficient.
  3. With a £1600 budget you really want to move away from Creative sound cards for music production. Take a look at E-MU, M-Audio or the higher end Terratec cards, unless you are planning on an external rack-mounted firewire/usb solution.


    Dell 24" monitors are excellent, as for the 30" question - don't know, how big is your desk?
  4. Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate your help with this.

    In response to you comment Stuart ill only be using the sound card to power audio for games/moves. I have an external 003 rack that I use to power my studio.

    With regards to your advice on putting an i7 build together could you possibly elaborate on what this decision will impose in terms of limitations/advantages over the other possible more/less expensive options?

    Thanks again!
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