Windows XP gives Blue screen on setup!

Hello eveyone i have a problem that i cant seem to figure out how to fix on my own so hopefully someone here can give me a solution.
So about 2 years ago i got an Emachines E627 that came with windows 7 on it.
Based on the specs of the laptop i figured to get better performance in games i should put windows XP on it and im perfectly fine with that. So i put in the Windows XP disk and booted from it. The setup starts and then goes to a blue screen before i can select anything. i have tried different windows XP disks and i have even tried windows Dark edition because it has a custom boot screen but that one didnt work either so my question is, How can i get windows XP on my laptop?
Thanks for your help if you need to know anymore info about my problem i will gladly edit the post or pm you the info needed!
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  1. First make sure you get all drivers from EMachines for XP, burn to disc.
    Second, set Bios to boot from CD-Rom first.
    Third, if laptop has SATA/Raid/SCSI controller, press F6 to install that first.
    Some laptops are build for certain OS, if not supported I suggest not to switch.
    If you need to do this, Kill Partition from Windows 7 if it lets you, just Delete it.
    This will remove pre-loading MBRs that might prevent booting another OS.
    Other option is self booting partitioning software.
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