Quick RAM Overclocking Question

Hello everyone.

I had a quick question for RAM Overclocking.

I am getting the i7 930 and planning to OC to 3.8
The ram I am getting is the Gskill 6gb 1600

CPU Multiplyer/Bclk : 21/181 or 22/173
If i put the ram multiplyer to 8, I will either get 1448 or 1384
At 10, 1810 or 1730

Now the questions are:
Should I put the CPU multiplyer to 21 or 22? Any real difference?
How do I clock my RAM to 1600, if i can't should i go for 1730 or 1448?

Thank you.
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  1. Well, not really, the 22x just allows you to get a higher speed without having to raise the BCLK as much.
    If your RAM is rated at 1600MHz, and you can't achieve it, you'd have to set your multiplier lower or lower your BCLK.
  2. Wouldn't lowering the Bclk lower the CPU speed also?
  3. Yes it would.
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