Vitsuba PSU850W or Thermaltake 600W?

hi everyone. This is my first post and my mother language is not english, so i apologize for misspellings and general writing mistakes.

Im Tom, from Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina. I was thinking on buying/building a new sytem and i have a doubt about the PSU. i want it to be upgradeable in some near/far future. So i was wondering if i should buy a quad core Q9550 or a Core I7. But either way, the system is going to be new to me (specially in energy details) so for one of those processors, with 4 or 6 Gb of Ram DDR3 1333 , one or two DVD RW, only one SATA hard drive and some nice videocard like an ati HD 4850 or 4870 what could be a better power supply? (my doubt is because both are at a similar price and i dont actually know the performance of vitsuba PSU's).

Option 1: A 850W Vitsuba PSU ( SAN-85-S)
Option 2: 600W Thermaltake (W0129RU)

I have really a lot of doubts in Amperage on the pci-e lines, like.. why does it says 30A for every 12v line if then it says that between the four 12v lines it should not exceed 58A ??
i was thinking on a psu that could then let me do Crossfire.
I need to decide if i go for Core2Quad or Core I7 (or just sit and wait for them to low their prices) but either way i can't understand why a 850Watts vitsuba is cheaper than a 600Watts thermaltake.

I took an online quiz to know how much Wattage should my PSU have, and even with Crossfire the max i could spend is 730-750Watts(according to some webpage). so, is the Vitsuba 850Wats PSU ok?

Thanks in advance


PD- did i misspelled something?
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  1. Both of those PSU's are junk. If you're going to spend a good amount of money on a new computer you should protect your investment by putting a decent PSU in it. If you want to run 2 video cards in crossfire you'll need about 750 watts. 500 watts would be plenty for a single video card.

    Try one a Corsair or PC Power & Cooling single rail.
  2. A- im looking for the best-cheapest good choice (not cheapest choice(crappy) nor best choice($$$)).. i have a tight budget, but i know how much a good PSU means..
    B- Couldn't find any Corsair PSU on two of the local Computer -shops (i have like 3 or 4 more to visit). I couldn't find any corsair PSU on (argentinian e-bay).. im not sure about buying directly to USA. Not happy on giving my credit card/bank deposit to someone i cant actually hit with my car if i dont get what i paid for. (joke)
  3. and also.. if i find PSU's like the one you mentioned.
    Original Price: $179.99---> in Argentina its going to be something like 300 dollars.

    Original Price: $169.99---> in here like 280 dollars..

  4. If you want the option of crossfire you will have to pay more for a quality high wattage PSU. You could always save money by going with a lower wattage unit (500-600 watts) and only running 1 video card.

    What brands do you have available to you?
  5. i guess. if the vitsuba 850W is not good.. then i will go for only one single video card (i am going to buy only one.. iw as thinking on a future crossfire some day.. but if is that much money i'll just go with one video card).

    in my "argentinian e-bay" i see brands like:
    (from 500 to 550/600W)

    (from 600Watts to 1000Watts)
    Only one(1) Zalman at 750W

    is it ok to post links gere? is it against the forum rules?.. i could just post the link to the listed PSU's over 500Watts.

    Order:From more expensive to cheapest
    Showing: only new items (not used PSU's) & Only 500W+ PSU's(above 500W)
    Dollars are expressed in U$S.. the $ sibol means argentinian PESOS.(at 02 march 2009 1 dollar is 3.62 argentinian pesos - tomarrow that will change probably)
  7. i forgot.. one of my local retailer just send me a mail and offered me a 550W XFX PSU and a 600W/750W Thermaltake

    600W Thermaltake = 275 dollars

    W0116RU de 750WThermaltake= 335 dollars

    550W XFX= i didn't asked

    They do work with thermaltake.. he saind "we only work with generic PSU's or thermaltake PSU's".. but thermaltake is sooooo expensive...
  8. You either buy a more expensive PSU, or put your whole PC at risk.
  9. Thermaltakes arn't bad PSUs, especially the newer 600w+ ones
  10. Antec is a good PSU brand. If not out of your price range, one of them should be a good, safe choice. I don't like their older ones, but have read better things about the newer Coolermasters as well. If you get one with Active PFC that is 80+ certified, you're a lot less likely to get crap.,, and are among the sites that do good, competent technical reviews of PSUs. Xbitlabs has some too. By "competent technical review" I mean one that includes load testing and waveform analysis.
  11. ^+1. The old CoolerMaster PSUs were pretty crappy. Well said!
  12. i think i'll go for a coolermaster 750W i found.. it has excellent Amperage, it has all the connector i need (even more.. it has 4 PCI-E, 2 on each 12v rail).
    and its "sort of" within my price range..
    its SLI certified and 80 plus certified..
    But im still thinking on waiting maybe 2 or 3 months to see if the prices change a bit.. i know in april amd is launching new CPU's, maybe intel will low their prizes.. and i think this year USB 3.0 is comming out, so motherboards with USB 2.0 will drop off too..
    Im kindda in a "bottleneck" price problem..
    Thank you very much for the responses..

    THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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