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Iam charanesh. i have an AMD Phenom X 4 9950 BE Processor and ASUS M3N78-EM MB.I want to overclock it if i set the CPU Multiplier into X16 and above it displays a message that overclocking failed. if i set to X15 it is not loading my OS. if i set it below X15 it takes more time to load. give me a solution please.
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  1. Well, are you certain it's a BE? Also, the 9950's have the multiplier set to x13 at stock speed.

    Also, does your motherboard contain the AMG 790GX chipset? That is what you really want due to the power requirements of this CPU. What kind of PSU do you have and what is its wattage?

    The TDP (maximum wattage) is set at 140 Watts, which means to fully stress all four cores results in the cores consuming roughly 140 Watts. That can be quite a lot. When you start to overclock, then you are consuming more wattage. In fact, just a mainboard + VGA in idle coupled with stressing 4 cores at 100% could result in a power draw even higher than that. I've read reports where it resulted in a power draw of roughly 300 Watt (total PC) in total when clocked towards 3.2 GHz.

    So, if you really want to OC, the Phenom II's draw a lot less power. If you can't upgrade to a Phenom II, then I'm wondering if it is your PSU not giving enough juice to your system?
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