RAID0 SSD really long boot

I installed 2 OCZ Vertex SSDs (30gb) in RAID0 about 5 days ago and it booted windows 7 at lightning speed although now it saysy on the "starting windows" screen for about 1-2 seconds but stays on the "Welcome" screen for about about 40 seconds, which didnt even appear when I installed the drives.
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  1. Although when I run crystal mark I still get 340mb/s read speed. What's up?
  2. Are you running Windows 7 and do you have your window background set to "solid colour"? If so, try setting it to an image. There's a known bug that causes a 30-second timeout with the background set to a solid colour.

    I ended up creating a 1x1-pixel image of the solid colour I wanted and setting it as the a background image stretched to fill the screen.
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