X-48 Motherboard and i7 Memory

Hi there RAM gurus,

I own a Asus P5-E Premium Mother Board with wifi-n (x-48 motherboard). I originally had 2 x 1gb ddr 3 memory and found it sluggish.

So i accidently upgraded (bought) this memory:

3 x 2gb Intel i7 - Corsair 9-9-24 1333MHz (TR3X6G1333C9)

Now, i know the x-48 is dual channel, but will using 3 sticks of i7 memory work properly on this motherboard? I tried and it did pick up the 6gigs, but noticed when gaming, it will freeze randomly. I'm not sure if it's video card related or memory related.

Also, does it effect performance because i'm missing 1 slot of ram. (3 of the 4 memory slots are filled)

Much appreciated, there isn't much info on this anywhere.


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  1. 3 sticks should work, just not in dual channel mode. Run Memtest86+ to test the RAM.
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