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Okay so, i have a E5200 and i want/need to overclock it when i get my new 5770 VGA. How far can i get with a Cooler Master Hyper TX2. And what should i set to with my vga so it isn't bottle necked from my CPU. Im at 1920x1080 resolution,altho that has nothing to do with it but yeah xD
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  1. I'm not sure if i can find these, But just incase i do. Are they good and how far can i go with them as well?

    ASUS Silent Knight AL
    ASUS Silent Knight II
    OCZ Vendetta 2

    Thanks =)
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    ocz vendetta 2 is your best cooler on the list, with tx2, you probably can get to about 3 ghz since you never told us your mobo. If it's something like a gigabyte g31, then it can get to 3.8ghz depending on your luck and ram. If you have a generic ecs board then expect 2.5ghz-3ghz
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