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I am going to build my own Mini ITX computer, and have ordered a case. I did some rough math and figured I'd have about 48mm for a heat sink. I plan to get this motherboard, ZOTAC GF6100-E-E ( ) motherboard, although more for its price than any other reason, I want it be be under $100 and esata & 5.1 audio would be nice. I have an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition sitting around that I also plan to use. So what I need is a heatsink. I've found this: GELID Slim Silence AM2 ( ) but I don't know how well it'd cope with the 65watt CPU, I could underclock it if that's whats recommended. I also found the ZALMAN VF2000 ( ) but I'm not sure if it'll fit on the motherboard I have chosen and it's pricey. So what ITX motherboard and (48mm max) heatsink would you recommend for a 5000+ BE?
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  1. One low profile cooler that should work great would be the older Opteron
    s939 cooler, (if you can find one) it is a great cooler with the copper heat pipes.

    The Gelid should work just fine as the 5000+ is a cool running CPU.
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