Which 2TB hdd do you recommend??

Hi erveryone

I'm currently looking for a 2 tb hdd because my 1tb (7200.12) is running low on free space, and my question is:

Which 2 tb hdd do you guys recommend, for storage purpose
Also do I perfer thelow power ones because im only using them for storage so performance isn't really what im looking for.

The 2tb that qualifies are:

WD greenpower 2tb very reliable and one of the most economic hdd(read it some where

Samsung F3eco 2tb very efficient, but i'm afraid like the F1 series not reliable

Seagate LP 2tb relative good performance for a low power hdd, but had also some issues with reliability, but my 7200.12 barracuda is doing fine so...

I'm kinda leaning towards WD, from reliability standpoint, but the other two are pretty good either so really can't choose which one I should get :??:
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  1. I'm happy with my 2TB WD Green drive. One of the things I like about the WD Green drives is that they have a higher spec for the unrecoverable read error rate - one unrecoverable error per 10^15 bits read versus one per 10^14 bits read for the black drives.

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to find detailed specifications on the Seagate or Samsung drives after a quick look at their web sites, so I can't tell you if their specs are as good in this regard.
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