NVidia 7300 GS (WoW)

Hi everybody on Tom's Hardware, happy new year and hope you can help.
(Another dreaded WoW related issue, sorry!)

AMD 64x2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ GHz
Windows XP
GeForce NVidia 7300 GS

Problem: Basically, everything was working gloriously, until I changed to a lovely widescreen monitor (fully installed, drivers checked for updates etc).

The desktop resolution is set to max, looks and works fine, as do movies etc.

However, when attempting to play WoW, it is instantly slow/choppy, though usually fine (including loggin screen etc). Attempted to fiddle with the resolution settings, it runs fine again on a none (wide) setting, though looks terrible; stretched and poor quality, and on a (wide) setting, its very choppy.

All attempts to turn down ingame video options (terrain etc.) as expected were in vain; and they should run fine anyway, its not exactly graphically demanding. As were removing all WTF/Interface folders.

Any insight as to what I can do to resolve this would be wonderful (I really do not want to have to shell out for a better graphics card as I only play WOW, granted its not the best card on the market, but its not awful and should cope with little Warcraft, I also do not want to have to go back to a small monitor just because of WOW).

Thank you for your help

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  1. Knowing what PSU and monitor you have would be highly helpful right now. Once we know, we can make suggestions. If your PSU doesn't have a PCIe plug, but is at least 400W, the ATI HD4670 is your best bang for the buck.
  2. I had a Ti4800 8x AGP (which is 1 tier above a 7300GS)


    and frame rates were terrible with BC@ 1280x1024. Around 15fps and slower with raiding and major city. If you have a new 22" 1680x1050, I can't image, but you should be getting around 10fps or less. Might be worst now since WoTLK, has more gpu demanding graphics.

    A HD4670 is nice upgrade like Runs stated. Doesn't require PCIe power connection.

    You might also look into overclocking your CPU if your motherboard supports that also.
  3. I think your processor is fine.
    You might considor OC the video card. Riva Tuner can help with that.

    Without having any 7000 series drivers to look right now but having used a 7900gs with WOW there are a couple of things I would try.
    Try your resolution at 1440x900 (you didnt say the size of monitor but Im guessing)
    In the Nvidia control panel goto scaling and set it to let the card do it, not the monitor.
    In the 3d settings switch to the WOW configuration and make sure everything is set to application controlled.
    In the global 3d settings make sure everything is set to application controlled.

    If those settings are different and you try to change settings inside the game you will have problems.
    Also dont set any anti alias up right now, make sure it is off everywhere in the above 3 places.
    Now try the game and see what happens and post back.

    edit If you can an new video card will help.
    from a 7900gs to 8800gtx I went from 5989k p/s up to 197494k p/s as reproted by sandra.
    The rest of my system is the same as yours.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the responses; I'll try get some more information, and give the suggestion a try when I get home, thank you very much for your help
  5. vuhlshun said:
    Hi guys, thanks for the responses; I'll try get some more information, and give the suggestion a try when I get home, thank you very much for your help

    Hi there Vuhlshun, i have the exact same problem. Just purchased a nice 19" LCD moniter, and the graphics displayed on WoW with my Gefore 7300 are really nasty. have you found a solution yet? thanks!
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