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Is it possible to make a backup of windows7 that comes bundled with my laptop on DVDs and install it onto a SSD that I buy later? Would there be problems since the copy of W7 that I made the backup copy from was installed on a HDD but I'm trying to install it on a SSD...Is there a way to move WIndows 7 from a HDD to SSD? Thanks!
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  1. this is all possible if you're just moving the installation file of windows 7 over to it.

    but if you mean "can i move windows 7 over to my SSD and have it boot windows from that automatically", then your answer would be no. If you want to boot windows 7 off of your SSD, you would have to re-install windows 7 with a windows 7 CD and apply it to your SSD that way. then if you want, you can transfer all your files over from one Windows 7 to the other. Then once you're done, you can format the other regular HDD if you don't want two Windows 7s on your laptop.
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