Bought 9800GT-Might Take It Back-NVIDIA/ATI Coming out with anything ?

I have a 9800GT-just got it at Best Buy-like the card. I paid $150 for it.
However, I may take it back..My friend advised me ATI/Nvidia may be coming out with new offerings during 1Q 2009-not sure if that has been pushed back due to current economic crisis. I would be willing to pay more for something that has more LIMIT is going to be $200-I am not a hardcore gamer..currently I have an 8600 GT OC'D to 630 MHZ. My processor is decent AMD X 2 6000 and 4 GB Ram

Should I wait? Is there anything coming out Q1 that will push the current top down to around $200 or drop the price of the 9800 GT down further?
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  1. nah man dont wiat i havent heard of anything good comin out except maybe a gtx295 which is basically two slow gtx 260s strapped together to make one card. I bet thats going to cost u a fortune tho...
  2. Nothing till June I think. But the HD 4850 is about $150 and significantly better than your 9800GT.
  3. If you can only spend $200, closest and most powerful for that you'll find is 4850 or 4870 1gb, if you can spend a few more, GTX 260's are very powerful
  4. There is nothing new coming out that I've heard of. I do suggest taking it back and buying online. You should be able to find that card for just over $100. $150 online will get you the 4850, which has the power of the 9800GTX. If you wanted to save $$$, you should have bought online during the Christmas sales.

    Nvidia is rumored to re-re-release the 9 series cards with "new" GTX names. This is supposed to happen some time early this year, probably before spring ends. These aren't new cards, these are the same G92 cards that we've had all along just with new GTX names. (The 9800GT is supposed to be the GTX150.) I think real new cards from either side don't happen until summertime. I'm not fully up to date on this however.
  5. with $200 u can get a 4870...and that would be a great card to have
  6. Agreed, take it back and buy from newegg, grab yourself a 4850 and enjoy.
  7. If $200 is your budget, just buy a 4870. I saw some a few days ago for $180. For something around the $150 you paid, get a 4850. But if you must stick to Nvidia, then get the 9800GTX+ which is around $150 online also.
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