Best CPU for 3D Animation

Hi, Im going to upgrade my computer to use programs like 3d Max and Maya. I know that intel CPU are better for those programs than AMD, but it also cost a lot more

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  1. Actually not exactly. While Core i7 920 is about $100~200 USD more than the highest end of AMD's Phenom II, it does perform a lot better in 3D rendering programs.

    Personally I think by going for Core i7 you'll get a better performance / cost ratio.
  2. Phenom and C2Q perform similarly in 3ds max, not sure about maya. The I7 is much better than either in 3ds max if you can afford it. Basically go for the fastest quad core you can afford, don't bother looking at duel core processors as a 2.0Ghz quad renders faster than a 3.0Ghz dual core.
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