Syba Raid Card

I was considering picking up a 2nd Sammy F3 to raid 0

However my mobo (gigabyte ds3l p55) does not rock an onboard raid feature. So I gotta buy a card.

I am pretty poor. I want to get away with a card at about the $20 price range (as thats about what I got to spend from coupon code for a 2nd F3)

This syba at newegg looks like it's right up my alley But is it going to be what I am looking for in terms of performance ? I want to get the most out of dual F3's. But like I said, I am looking to get away with this limited budget.

The main purpose is for games and such that can't fit on my SSD. (Such as World of Warcraft, or other mmo of the month)
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  1. Don't buy a RAID card; only use onboard RAID or no RAID at all.

    You'll waste your money, and saying you don't have that much i would keep it in your pocket instead and don't bother with RAID, or just use software RAID (not bootable).

    WoW fits on any SSD; back some time ago i had WoW+Win7 on a 30GB SSD with some 5 or 6 GB free; with hibernation/pagefile/superfetch disabled, though.
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