Deleted Win7 100mb partition and now can't access drive?

Decided to re-install Win7, so when the DVD got to the screen that shows your drives I deleted the 100mb partition and the machine just froze with the spinning circle? Rebooted and now everytime the drive is accessed I get a freeze until the drive is unplugged? The drive is a Sata II Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB plugged into an Asus P6T Deluxe V2 board via the onboard Intel ICH10 sata controller.

Reinstalled Win7 to a spare HD but when I reboot with the WD drive attached the boot hangs until I disconnect the drive. If I reconnect when Win7 has booted it still won't add it as it just says it's searching for a driver even though it's recognised as a WDC drive?

I've got the sytem in AHCI mode so I could hot plug the drive and the BIOS picks up the drive but nothing will work. Booted from a WD Dignostic CD but that just hangs as well, basically anything that sniffs the drive just hangs until it's unplugged?

Any suggestions on how to get acces to the drive and repair it so I can install to it?
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  1. I think the drive is fubar!

    When it powers up you can hear the heads make 6 quick movements of about 1 second each then a couple more movements but longer delay and you can feel both of them through the drive!

    Think the drive has either failed completely or that 100mb partition deleted something the drive needs to be able to function correctly?
  2. The file system maybe corrupted when u deleted that partion while having the old windows 7 installed on the hard disk....because that 100 mb contains partion information required for the system to access OS such as windows 7 only....

    well i thnk you can try installing xp.....connect your 1tb wd drive through sata to your board and when the xp partion screen appears then delete all the logical drives present on it.....this would make the file system fresh as it was in the beginning...and you could use it.
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