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Is it worth adding "BFG Technologies AGEIA PhysX Physics Accelerator Card, 128MB PCI"......... in my system... with MSI HD4850 512MB.........
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  1. If you REALLY want to play a game with hardware PHYSX support, sure, but for most people it's not worth it.

    I would suggest you research the games and their effects/benefits and then decide.

    You can look at you tube for demos.
  2. I found this video at youtube:

    It shows how PhysX work with HD4850.... so i'm confused... if it is capable of handling... then why buy some extra PPU....
  3. Agreed, Negative on the physx
  4. Is it possible to enable PhysX with HD4850...?
  5. I found HP VoodooPC come with seperate Physics accelerator(PPU)....
  6. The comments in the video say they are running the software mode, not hardware mode.

    nV hasn't unlocked the abilities for the HD series yet. It could easily do it (some people think more effectively than the GF and GTX series due to branching and batch size advantages), but it would require nV to allow it, and right now they don't and AMD don't want to support it either, so to do it either you add an Ageia card in Vista & XP or an nV card in XP only.
  7. its already been done TGGA. i remember seeing somewhere recently that someone had allowed drivers to use PhysX or CUDA on their 4870..
  8. If you find it I'd like to see it.

    Cuda is an application layer for GF hardware so I doubt that's it.

    There was alot of talk initially about running PhysX on the HD series, but the guy who said he got it to work (a member of NGoHQ) suddenly STFU and hide away from all questions after being contacted by nV.

    If something new has come up please share, I'm not saying it's not possible, I'm saying it's not currently enabled through standard methods.
  9. Physx on ATI hardare -,5764.html.

    If you are running XP you can use a cheaper NVidia GFX card for Physx, I don't know details about this but IIRC an 8600GT wil do OK, if you are running Vista this will not work - Vista only lets you load one Video driver.
  10. From a game stand point blizzard is supporting havok with there new games coming out such as diablo 3 and not sure but correct me if I am wrong SC2
  11. depends on what game you play.
    in my opinion, its not worth it.
  12. Stuart, that's what I'm refering to when I say "the guy who said he got it to work (a member of NGoHQ) suddenly STFU and hide away from all questions after being contacted by nV."

    There's been NOTHING since June, and any inquiries on the forum end in the thread being locked & deleted, despite saying they would have something in a few weeks (well it's 6 months later now, nadda);

    and people there bitching about it and saying to ask here about it, since alot of their traffic is coming from the THG article.
    At this time it just looks suspect, GPU-PhysX will be dead and gone replaced by something OpenCL based or Havok based before Eran posts anything worthwhile. Whether he was BSing or nV locked him down doesn't really matter the end result is the same, he got people's hopes up and delivered nothing (not even a word of an update on the status).

    So like I said, if anyone comes up with something CONCRETE and IN ACTION please share it.
  13. ATI said that physics is dead until DirectX 11 GPU and OpenCL and Havok are release while NVIDIA insisted that PhysX is the future way. :ouch:

    Not sure if PhysX is just a marketing hype by NVIDIA.
  14. I was under the impression the entire reason NV bought the Aegia Physx intellect was to incorportate them into their cards...IE, mid/high end gaming and desktop Quadro rendering. Also, like others mentioned, the ability to utilize a lower end card as a stand alone physx card to support another gaming card was also to be part of the equation.
  15. dedicated physics is useless as of now. in the future they should play a more moderate role in gaming rigs.
  16. So its not worth buying ASUS/BFG AGEI PhysX accelerator card.


  17. Like I said in the original post, if YOU like the features and effects it brings to the limited number of games it impacts, then it's a good idea, I have a friend who LOVES the effects on UT3, for others though it's not a big deal, so it's not easy for anyone to guide you because some games like GRAWI/II and UT3 can give SOME people great experiences, but only you know if it's worth it to you.

    For me the impact on UT3 was artificial and was more like an interesting Tech Demo that I called "UT3 with Debris".

    I recommend you check the you tube video of the effects in action (not the other technical and experimental stuff) and see if that will enhance your experience enough to be worth it. Other people will just tell you their opinion of that experience.
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