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I have Vista and just installed a 3rd HDD. Upon turning on the PC it will not display after loading past the splash screen, I can hear the sounds that indicate it has loaded up to the login screen but my LCD shows No Display. I removed the 3rd drive, this did not help. I can load into safe mode with no trouble. If I uninstall the nvidia drivers I can load into my normal login, but after installing the latest drivers and some older ones it will still not work. I have checked the gfx card to make sure it is correctly seated. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Check all your GPU settings in safe mode other than that im not sure
  2. Ok so I connected my HD TV up to the gfx card using an S Video lead and everything worked. I guess the problem is either with the DVI on the gfx card, the DVI cable or the monitor itself.
  3. check the cable and TV if they are not the prob depending on who made your card you may be able to warranty it.
    Good Luck
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