My sound card not works on windows 7

Hello Sir ,
i have sound card(PCl sound Card) on window 7 but did not work?
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  1. What is the make & model of the card? Are you running 32 bit or 64 bit windows 7? Have you checked for the newest drivers on the sound card manufacturer's web site? Have you also checked to make sure your volume isn't muted.
  2. i have 32 bit running. yes i all check. only error i found . here write on the packet of sound card PCl Sound card.(ssd-ess-4ch (ssd-gmi- 4ch (ssd-gmi- 6ch)
  3. on the divice manager this situation
    Device Manager => sound,video and game controllers
    1) crystal soundfusion(tm) (right install)
    2) crystal sound fusion (tm) device (not install error show)
    3 crystal sound fusion(tm) WDM interface (this right install)
  4. yes Sir i have find the name of device . device name is
    crystal sound fusion(tm) WDM interface
    on the headphone i no heard sound . please help me sir
  5. Nothing I have found via google or microsoft leads me to believe that this sound card is compatible with windows 7, sorry.
  6. sir if compatible then why i no hear sound . my headphone have also no problem. please help me sir
  7. Your english must not be so good. I did not say it's compatable with windows 7. The word "nothing" negates the sentence.
  8. Hi, I found a simple solution to sound card and headphone jack problems : I bought a USB sound card for a couple of quid on internet. hope this helps
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