New GPU Problems

So I just got a new gpu (EVGA 9800gtx+) and I've bin having a problem with it.

I get something similar to this: and it freezes up (then I have to press restart button).

I have not overclocked it, is 34-37C idle and anywhere under 55C in-game.

Although I have a foxtech 500w psu (unknown brand), would that be a problem?
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  1. There are several variables that we do not know besides the power supply.


    Motherboard Chipset? eq. nVidia 690, Intel X 38, etc.


    Operating System?

    nVidia Driver Version?

    Recently a friend bought a ATI 4830 to go into his aging system (P4 2.8) Turns out that he got higher FPS using my old 1900pro. This is because his motherboard 925xe chipset is just too old to supply the bandwidth the new card was wanting.

    Your power supply may be causing a problem, however in my experience I tend to notice high temps when this is the case. If you are using windows vista then it may well be your power supply because a graphics problem tends to not lockup or bluescreen your computer.

    Hope this info helps some from a hardware perspective.

    From the driver perspective you can download and install driver cleaner pro. Then uninstall your video drivers, reboot then run driver cleaner pro and clean out the rest of the driver junk and then reinstall the latest drivers from nVidia's website and see if that helps.
  2. On the picture you supplied, it seems like a Graphic Mem. problem. I think this is a Video mem. failure.
  3. yonef said:
    On the picture you supplied, it seems like a Graphic Mem. problem. I think this is a Video mem. failure.

    Are you sure, like it rarely happens and if that was the case it would happen a lot more then it is now. But it happens whenever my psu is under heavy stress.
  4. No, I'm not sure, just guess. You can try borrow PSU from a friend ang try for couple of hours even 400W PSU will do the job.
  5. hi guys need some help, i too have the same problem i have the inno3d 9800gtx + DHT edition
    amd 5600x2 am2
    4gb patriot ram@800 mhz
    jetway 550sli doesnt seem very good quality
    600w xilence silent psu

    any comments will be appreciated
    thanks chris
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