SATA III Bandwidth w/Single GPU

I've decided to go with the ; :sweat:
GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD3P that has SATA 6GB/s & USB 3.0
Intel I7-860 CPU
WD SATA 6GB/s Black HD @ 1 gb
ATI 5770 1mb video card.

Before i order these parts i need to confirm or learn if,
when using the SATA 6GB/s HD plugged into the new SATA III revison socket it won't cut the Bandwidth on the Single PCI-E 2.0 X16 video cards output.

Thanks in advance for any Help!
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  1. uhh nope it wont. two separate components...
  2. makotech222 said:
    uhh nope it wont. two separate components...

    The part that really confuses me are the statements & articles describing the 1156 socket MB's having a BandWidth problem crippling the X16 path to X8 when the new SATA Revison III socket & hard drives are used....
    Sure don't want to mess up & order something i'll be unhappy with after i build it & test it!
    I know Tom's did a Bandwidth article also, but i was still leary of the problem!
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    Both Asus and Gigabyte has a solution to get around the bandwidth problem but they are far from perfect.

    However since you are using a single card, you should have plenty of bandwidth to go around. Only in crossfire would you experience bottleneck. This is assuming you have a SATA 6Gb/s device that was cappable of going up to those speeds.
  4. Thanks for responding guys, the mechanical drives only benefit @ 6GB's is the Burst speed right now!
    Just wanna be ready when SSD's come down in price & their SATA 6GB/s become reliable & affordable....

    Here's that Toms article on Bottlenecks with P55A,2583-3.html
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