Photos of New ATI Radeon HD 5800 series?!

These are the photos of ATI Radeon HD 5800 series:

HD 5450 -> 640 SP + 16 TMUs (1 master chip)
HD 5650 -> 1280 SP + 32 TMUs (1 master chip + 1 slave)
HD 5670 -> 1920 SP + 48 TMUs (1 master chip + 2 slaves)
HD 5850 -> 2560 SP + 64 TMUs (1 master chip + 3 slaves)
HD 5870 -> 3200 SP + 80 TMUs (1 master chip + 4 slaves)

(Just to share the photos but I don't know whether these photos represent the real incoming Radeon HD 5800 series or not.) :bounce:
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  1. hard to imagine that these are real photo's if ATI wanted to show us the 5xxx series; might as well give us a test/beta sample. though it would be interesting if they fiquired out how to use that side port communication :bounce:
  2. I got these photos links from a Laotian Forum website but I don't understand Laos language except for some English words they used included these photos. However, I don't know how legitimate these photos are or whether they really represent the real HD 5800 series or not but I think that it is quite interesting...
  3. what are those slave chips for?
  4. They seem over-simplified to me.
  5. Hey TECHNO, those are MOCK-UPS of someone's RANDOM THOUGHTS at the Beyond3D forum about 5+ months ago, NOT the actual HD5K series !! :pfff:

    PS, notice the "Concept" bit in the picture you posted? :hello:
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