New graphics card crashes

At christmas i purchased some new components for my computer, a zotac 9800GT graphics card, (2x2G) DDr2 corsair RAM, an Atrix 720W PSU, and some Xsilence case fans.
I installled the RAM and power supply easily, but the graphics card is failing on me constantly when i try to run games such as CSS, HL2, COD4 ect. At first the gcard seemed to be running fine on counter strike, high fps, no bugs or anything, but after a short play with the new card, i experienced a crash. This first crash i got a blue screen, but after further testing of the card, the crashes more recently involve the screen freezing, and a small amount of pixels dotted around the screen deforming/changing colour. Note it's not just the game that crashes, it seems like the whole computer is. I've installed Nvidia physics, and the latest drivers, even tried rolling back the drivers ect, but nothing works. I haven't personally changed any settings in the BIOS or anything like that,and i'm fairly confident my computer is virus/malware free (scans with ad-aware, avg and malwarebytes). I've chcked the graphics cards temperature nvidia ntune, but it tells me that the card is around 30/40 'c, which is fine.

Computer spec.

Intel dual core processor (2x1.86ghz)
Not sure what motherboard, but it has an x16 PCI slot, and it's DDR2
Atrix 720W PSU
Zotac GeForce 9800GT 512MB graphics card
5.1 sound card
Two external case fans.

Could anyone shed some light on this problem? Thanks, Chris :)
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  1. Someone please help.
  2. Do you have another system you can try the card in? The funny colored pixels could be a sign of a defective video card.
  3. No i don't have another system i could try the card in. I know they could be the sign of a defective card, but i want to eliminate any other solutions first.
  4. when you say you got some new parts, do you mean you had another graphics card before? if so you may have to make sure you properly removed old drivers first.
  5. I had an old graphics card, and thought I removed the old drivers, but they might still be there somewhere. Can someone give me a link to some software or something that completely removes drivers, thats free. I tried ccleaner btw, still getting crashes, and i tried drivecleaner, dosent seem to work.
  6. The fan do you mean? If so, yeah it's rotating fine.
  7. What kind of noise should i look out for, i can usually hear two beeps when i start up my computer. And the general loading stage sounds fairly loud most times i boot up.
  8. Nope, i dont think so
  9. driver cleaner pro:

    uninstall all video drivers. reboot. enter safe mode to run driver cleaner.
  10. chrisharrison said:
    Can someone give me a link to some software or something that completely removes drivers, thats free. I tried ccleaner btw, still getting crashes, and i tried drivecleaner, dosent seem to work.

    Do you mean Driver Cleaner from Guru3d?
  11. Yeah but on my computer it shown up as driver sweeper.
  12. Dling driver sweeper again now and trying it in safe mode.
  13. Yeah, i tried uninstalling drivers and safe mode with the sweeper and what not. Didn't work, i'm still getting the crashes. If i'm going to do a re-install of windows (which is what someone else advised me too), then i'm pretty ****. I only have a product key, without any disk. I might be able to get one from somewhere though. But you're saying that a re-install will fix it?, have you encountered this problem before then?
    Also is there anything else i can do, because a re-install would be my last resort.

    Thanks for helping me :) 'Chris
  14. BUMP
  15. So is the only way to possibly fix this re-installing windows?. :()
  16. Dont give up on me please : ( BUMP
  17. im not too good with nvidia cards but you could try underclocking it by a few mhz just to see if that helps, im sure someone on here can recommend a good program for doing this with nvidia cards.

    i was experiencing similar goings-on with my 4870 last night after i maxed out ccc with it, so backed off the overclock a bit and its running fine.

    is the card factory overclocked?

    also do you have your old psu still hanging around? the ramp up to power the 3d mode could be causing a big enough drain on your new one to screw with it.
  18. My card isn't factory overclocked, nor overheating. My old PSU is like 250W, so it's not enough to run the card, and it might damage the card if i attempt to run it on a lower wattage. I THINK I'VE FOUND MY PROBLEM TOO! Through random trial and error typing things into search engines, i come across a post by someone saying that my motherboard experiences compatibility issues with higher end Nvidia cards. If anyone recognises my motherboard and can associate it with a similar thing to what i've just mentioned, PLEASE reply and give me the info.
    Thanks guys : ) Chris^
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