Is there such thing as a 100 cfm case fan?

im gonna get a coolermaster haf 922 case, i wanna change the top fan (200mm i think) for a really high powered one to counteract the size of the smaller rear one to give a low air preassure inside the case.
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  1. anything higher than that? lol sorry im just wondering what the MOST powerfull fans i could use are really, cuz if there are more powerfull fans than that i could put the 110 cfm fans on the front and side then the higher cfm ones on teh top and back.
  2. Yes. You can get 200CFM+ Delta fans:

    Be warned, this sounds like a jet engine. (Speaking from experience here). You DO NOT need more than 60-70CFM for a case fan.
  3. I don't know if you can find a 200mm case fan at 100 cfm+. I don't understand the need for silly negative pressure. That pulls dust into every corner that leaks and a balanced flow is best. You got at least one rear 120mm, put a 100 CFM on it. Enjoy the noise.

    Maybe you got other issues besides poor case airflow?
  4. no theres no issue, i just want the components running as cool as possible on air purely for the longivety of them so i can use them as long as possible.
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