Dvd drive not showing in my computer

I have problem with my cd/dvd drive.It is not visible in "My computer".
The power connection of the cable is ok as i am able to eject or close the drive.
I had gone through the problem in your site and i found a solution i.e
go to regedit in run and open these files

Then delete the upper and lower filters....

i have done it and the problem is solved when i get this problem 4 days back.
The same problem has arised today, i had gone through the same solution but this time my problem is not solved.
So anyone can give solution to my problem.
Do i have to consult any hardware technician or it is the problem of internal drives...
Please help me soon......
My OS is windows XP service pack-2
and my cd/dvd drive LG 32x
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  1. Consider the cost of replacing the drive before you seek a hardware technician. New DVD/RW drives are less than $25.

    When I experienced this issue, I deleted the Upper and Lower filters and the problem was solved. Since you have already done this, look in other areas such as SATA/PATA cable, Molex plug, match the SATA plug number with the BIOS, etc.

    I have 1 SATA DVD drive, and 1 PATA DVD drive in my computer.
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