Slowly but surely raising I5 750 up to 4Ghz 46c idle

Just looking for some more tips and recommendations as I am inching slowly forward overclocking this system.
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  1. Your question is very unclear, you want guide links or what?

    Make sure you are stress testing...I'm guessing you've read some guides.
  2. I have read many guides and pretty much understand what I need to know.I have been balancing performance overclocks with temps to ensure my pc performs at top efficiency for the long haul without damaging components. I have done stress testing with various programs for stability and performance. I am quite happy with the results, but I am always looking for various hints, techniques, and suggestions to perfect my knowledge. Hopefully as my experience matures, I can help others by being correct in my suggestions and assumptions in furthering others knowledge base.
  3. I'm running at the same FSB but going with 200x18. I'm curious what VTT and Vcore you're using now? At 3.6ghz my CPU idles in low 30s. What cooler do you have? I should think it could idle lower than 46C as I'm only hitting as high as 52C under max load in Prime95. My Vcore is currently 1.178V and VTT is... 1.7V? Damn I can't remember exactly, it might be lower. I've read that for ~4ghz it needs to be around 1.8/1.9V. I didn't touch PLL voltage.
  4. A new program I've recently started using for stress testing is LinX:

    It is a little more picky than say Prime95, however it doesn't need to be run nearly as long (if done properly).

    Here's a good guide:
  5. Linx is a good program to use. It will usually give you an error before prime95 will. It's good for quick testing. It also makes your cpu 6-7C hotter than prime95.

    I've had my i5 750 @ 4ghz for two months or so. Today the temp in my apartment was 90F with no AC :(, and my idle temps went from 35-40C to 50C :( Had to lower my OC to 3.8ghz for now.
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