Complete System Freeze


I have built a new system last weekend. Heres the spec

CPU Intel Q9550
MB Asus P5N-T Deluxe
4 x 2048 MB RAM (unbranded)
XFX GeForce 8800 GTS XXX 640MB
Coolermaster iGreen Power 500W
LG DVD Drive
LG GGC-H20L Blu Ray & HD Combo
WD 150GB VelociRaptor
2 x 300GB Seagate
Win XP Pro 64bit SP2

The problems I have had so far was that the Blu Ray Movies would cause the whole system to freeze after 10 mins max. I solved that by setting CPU affinity for PowerDVD to just one core and i worked.

The problems I am left with are system freezes while playing games. I started with GRAW 2 and that worked fine to start with (3 hrs and then i quit myself) but now it freezes after like 10 mins. I have unistalled it, but now XP tells me the setup.exe is no valid for this platform (go figure when it worked before). I have the same freezing problems with Test Drive Unlimited

System Performances a freeze were roughly 60-80% CPU (all of them), GPU at 80 deg Celsius.

I ran real time HDR IBL which really gave the grafics card some pain, working on just one core at 100%. so i dont think its the grafics card.

the estimated power requirement is 496W which is very very boarderline for a 500W PSU, but thats with everything running at 100%, which was never the case during system freezes.

does anyone have an idea what the problem is and idealy how to solve it as well?


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