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In my company we are in the business of recyling (handing down) machine to other local companys to help them save money. The problem is due to the nature of where the machine originate we are unsure what to do with our storage media.

We understand a format will wipe the data however we are also aware it can be recoved.

What would be best practice?


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  1. Nuke the media with something like DBAN.

    A program that does this inside windows is called Eraser; open source as well.

    So you can either do this in windows and only 'destroy' the free space (making it unrecoverable) - OR - you use the DBAN boot cd and nuke the whole drive, including windows.
  2. Thanks for the reply, couldnt have asked for better, i would like to nuke the lot so to speak so will play around with DBAN now.
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