Problem with AVG virus scan

I ran a virus scan using AVG 2011 and it came up with 1 problem.
When it healed and removed it removed "WINDOWS\system32\drivers\volsnap.sys" and now when I put the drive back in machine it will not boot up. It starts and then at safe mode screen after entry it restarts.
Can I just copy the string from the install disk and put it back in?
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  1. Yeah, I would give it a try. Just be sure that the file extension is "sys".

    If it doesn't work, then use your install disk to "Repair Windows".
  2. There are 2 volsnap entries in the I386 folder on the install disk. They are VOLSNAP.IN_ (a 1kb file) and VOLSNAP.SY_ (a 25kb file). Neither of these show up on the hard drive so I will assume I need to add both back.

    If I run "Repair Windows" will any of the data/files on the drive be affected? This seems to be the easiest fix, right or wrong?

    The Windows Recovery Virus is the reason for all of my frustration and I am having a heck of a time getting rid of it.
  3. take it easy , repair windows, You won't lose anything
  4. Ran the repair and still no luck. I turn the machine on and provide initial password and boots to black Windows Xp screen and then restarts. Probably have to buy new drive and salvage everything from other.
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