Installing windows on new HD..

I just bought a new WD HD, my laptops (dell inspiron 1525) old HD had died, I put the new one in, and I also put the windows disk in, it gives me some error message.

I then used a live ubuntu cd to format it, and still same message saying windows cannot connect to the device or so..

I then Install ubuntu on it, so I know it works with that

any advice??
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  1. Care to share the actual message with the group?

    Most likely your Windows disk (you don't say what version) doesn't have the hard drive controllers driver integrated. If XP or lower, you need to press [F6] at the proper time after booting the CD/DVD and supply the drivers on a floppy.

    If Vista/Win7, at the drive selection screen where it is not showing your drives, hit "Load drivers" and supply the drivers on CD, USB or floppy.

    Or you can create a custom OS disk using other tools so your drivers are integrated.
  2. Yea i think i got it working with nLite...

    it says my hard drive cannot be detected before that,

    with windows 7 i cannot even get to the installation screen, just a black screen saying a message error witht he hd..

    I think I got it working with Xp though, and loading the sata driver with the nlite program
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